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fresh raw meat, keeping the diet natural


Cats are natural predators. Their digestive systems are well adapted to receive plenty of nutrients from eating their prey. We stay true your cat's natural diet by using fresh raw meat in our recipes.


keeping your cats happy and healthy


We make sure that the composition of our recipes follow a strict Prey Model Raw (PMR) diet guideline.

This ensures that your cat is getting the optimal amount of various nutrients that provide a boost to their health.


it's all homemade


We literally make our recipes at home. We have a cat of our own and since we like to keep her happy and healthy, we feed her only with cubgrub. In fact, her story is the reason why we'd like to share our homemade pet food with others.

This is the story of our cat, Ponyo.


From the first day we adopted her, Ponyo was very sick.


After many visits to different vets, she was diagnosed with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). She was put on daily medication and even after her recovery, she suffered from high calcium levels.


We tried everything. We made sure she was being fed with only premium wet and dry food, yet her health wasn't improving.


So we began to do a lot of research on feline diets and came across some promising information about healthy food for cats.

This inspired us to feed Ponyo our own homemade recipes.


A month after her new diet, Ponyo's condition drastically improved - her calcium levels have gone back to a normal state, and she's now full of energy!


Ponyo has been exclusively eating cubgrub ever since her first serving of it, and she couldn't be healthier!


We hope that we can help educate and provide services to cat owners who do not have the time and resources to make their own cat food.